Customer Requests

If the matter you are reporting is urgent or may cause physical harm to a person or property, contact Customer Service on 03 9688 0200.

To request a service or report an issue, please click on the appropriate tile. If the request or issue is not listed below, select the General Enquiry tile.

If you have received an infringement and would like us to review it please complete the request for an internal review of an infringement form.

Registered users are able to view and track the updates of their requests.

Footpath Repair

Report a damaged footpath

Road Repair

Report a pothole or request Road Repair

Tree Maintenance

Request a naturestrip or park tree be pruned, or a dropped branch to be picked up

Damaged Kerbside Bins

Request a new bin lid, repair of a wheel or to fix a broken bin. Bin repairs will generally be made within 2 business days. Cracked bins can only be repaired when the bin is empty. PLEASE ENSURE THE BIN IS LEFT OUT AT ITS USUAL COLLECTION POINT.

Missed Kerbside Bin Collection

Missed bins cannot be processed until 3pm on the day of collection. Request must be entered within 48 hours from the collection day. Contractors have 24-48 hours to pick up the waste

Illegal Parking

Report an illegally parked vehicle

General Enquiry

Make a general enquiry about Council